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Calvin Kang
  • May 31st, 2008


A changing of the ‘old guards’ you could say. When Muhd Hosni and Hamkah Afik reign as Singapore’s top sprinters in the late 80’s, under their wings was the juniors like UK Shyam and Poh Seng Song ready to prove their talent. Now there’s a new batch of young prospects such as Calvin Kang of AUT and Shahrir Mohd Anuar of S’pore Sports School

This interview, we managed to get Calvin Kang to share some insights into his passion for sprinting and his beginnings in athletics. Is it just me or Calvin Kang reminds me of a young Poh Seng Song. Similar to Seng Song, Calvin has achieved remarkable feats and timings despite his tender age. A national school champion, last year SEA Games participant, junior record holder in the 100m, national record holder in 4x100m relays and it’s been said he might even be given the wildcard entry this coming Beijing Olympics

Already clocking a credible sub 10.6 seconds timing consistently last year, and a breakthrough 10.55 seconds personal best in Sri Lanka Open last October, he is one of the few bright young talent coming out of the successful youth scheme of the Singapore Sports School, and now being he’s being closely groomed under his current coach, Alfred Sim of SAA’s youth development coach

Name: Calvin Kang
Height: 175cm
Weight: 62kg
Date of Birth: 16 April 1990
Coach: Alfred Sim
Personal Best for events: 100m (10.55s), 200m (21.80s)
Season 2008 Meets:

  • 1st All Comers: 200m (22.31s) 3rd
  • 2nd All Comers: 100m (10.77s) 1st
  • 3rd All Comers: 200m (22.23s) 2nd
  • SEA Juniors, Phuket Thailand: 100m (10.70s) Gold
  1. What are you doing now?

    I’m studying 2nd year in AUT (Auckland University of Technology) Sports Science Diploma

  2. How did you get started in Track & Field?

    In Primary 3 in Elias Park, My PE teacher spotted me and told me that I could run fast. He told me how about trying out for track and field. That year was the relay meet for primary 4, so I joined older kids to run

  3. What is you goal for this year?

    Better my PB of 10.55 seconds, aiming sub 10.50 seconds this year

    In Lane 5, Calvin running the recent 3rd All Comers 200m in 22.23s (red/white blazer)

  4. What is your long term goal?

    Qualify for Olympics and break the national record

  5. What is your typical training day like?

    Gym session twice a week and the other days will be track workout

  6. Who/what motivates you

    The important people or faith in your life perhaps. I think what motivates me is that i want to know the best potential I have, my body has in terms of sprinting. 100m is also known as the century sprint and the highlighted event in most competitions. This gives me the motivation to do well as people know about this event.

  7. What are you running tactics during your races?

    Quick off the blocks, be among the first few, driving is very important for the acceleration phase and to focus on quick ground contact and DO NOT slow down before the finish line. Usually a bad habit for me

    Calvin (far right) has great faith and belief to be the very best

  8. Where do you foresee Singapore athletics heading?

    I can say it is really improving, over the past year we can see that more guys are running consistently under 11s and there are more competitions over the year. Really in a few years time we can see many more sprinters rising up.

  9. You were part of the record breaking 40.1 seconds 4x100m team at Korat SEA Games. A national record but not good enough for a medal unfortunately. Tell us about the race and emotions behind it before/after

    I was very delighted we broke the national record. The interesting thing is that we have not run the record breaking team in meets before and the Sea Games was the first and we manage to break it. However, we were aiming for a medal but i guess the standard for that year was really good and we manage 4th but we were satisfied.

Thank you Calvin, we hope to see you achieving another breakthrough this year


Posted by Uncle Sha.
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