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Asmah Hanim
  • March 23rd, 2003

Asmah Hanim

In this interview, we talk to Asmah Hanim from Wings Athletic Club who specialized in 400m where going under 60s is her thing. We get up close and personal with this promising young athlete

Coach: Mr Melvin Tan / Tay Yong Hwee (previous coach at Cedar)

School: Just graduated from TJC

Personal Best: 400m – 59.2, 400m H – 67.6, 800m – 2.27

Highlights: Went for Pacific School Games which was held in Sydney in 2000, ASEAN Schs (1998-2001), Zone Colours Award (1997-2002), National Colours Award (1999-2001)

  1. How did you get started with Track & Field

    Asmah Hanim: I joined when i was in Primary 5 but only had serious training in Secondary 1 under the Cedar coach (Mr Teo Suan Long)

  2. Other than track what else do you do?

    Asmah Hanim: I like cycling, swimming and playing sports

  3. Per day, what is your daily routine like?

    Asmah Hanim: Since i don’t have a sch yet, i basically have nuthin to do, so probably daily routine now is like … wake up in the morning .. bum ard till ard 4 .. then training till around 8 and then back home

  4. Tell abit about your family, any support from them?

    Asmah Hanim: My dad (56) … late mum (passed away at 52) .. eldest bro (26) .. elder bro (24) and younger bro (15) … mum was a runner back in her time … both my bros were involved in soccer in their secondary school days .. younger bro is in volleyball .. Support? … Well let’s just say they are there for every competition meet i run … not the whole family all the time … but my parents make it a must to … esp my late mum

  5. On your free time, where do you hangout?

    Asmah Hanim: I’m the kind of person who goes out only when she has something to do, or unless she’s real bored at home … so the places where i hang out often should be my room

  6. You’re one of the few female athlete to break the 60s barrier in 400m. Tell us how did it feel breaking it for the first time. Was it planned?

    Asmah Hanim: It felt great! Unexpected was more like it. When i first did it in 1999 when i was in Secondary 3 (59.91). It was more or less like a shock to me because I was intending to just run my best but i never thought i could go under 60 because in the semi-finals and heats I did a 61. When i did my PB in Secondary 4 (2000), Iwas more confident for that one because cos we went for trainin trip (Malaysia sports Sch). I went under 60 and when I went for ASEAN Schools in Bangkok where I did a 59.75. So more or less I felt more confident before Nationals came. Although the timing to hit wasnt planned but had in mind a certain time i should hit

  7. Ultimate long term goal?

    Asmah Hanim: Probably to represent Singapore one day

  8. Goal for this year?

    Asmah Hanim: To run a 57secs for 400m

  9. How do you prepare before a race?

    Asmah Hanim: Think of staying relaxed yet focused. Enjoy the competition

  10. What are usually your race tactics?

    Asmah Hanim: No particular race tactics. Depends on how i feel for the day. For 400m, sprint, coast, pick up and drive

  11. During training, per week what is your routine like?

    Asmah Hanim: Monday – speedwork .. Tuesday – light weights .. Wednesday – endurance run .. Thursday – intervals (prob 300m) .. Friday – heavy weights .. Saturday – long intervals (fast pace) .. Sunday – rest

  12. How many times u train per week, per day how many time & how many hours?

    Asmah Hanim: As u can see from above, 6 but sometimes i train only 5 times. I skipped the long run, hehe. Once per day and roughly abt 3-4 hour

  13. What motivate you to train & venture in track/field

    Asmah Hanim: I guess i was interested in track all along due to the races i watched on TV. In cedar we had this ‘we want to win’ attitude and somehow i got influenced by that and my coach told me i had wat it takes to go far. So don’t waste it but nurture it and so i did. Yupz as for training, i cant seem to live without them though training can be so tought … it’s something i enjoy

  14. Any injury plaguing you before?

    Asmah Hanim: Knee injury. Don’t know if it’s an injury. Something abt ‘rubbing’ of bones. I’m still growing u see

  15. Do you take care of your nutrition?

    Asmah Hanim: No. I eat the most junk anyone can imagine. I tried to stick to a diet last time but it didn’t work for me because we went on a vegetarian diet proposed by my coach.

  16. Did SARS affect your training?

    Asmah Hanim: No, it went on as usual except we had to travel to SPE for trainin which was kind of far for me. Hehehe

  17. Any advise for young athlete venturing into track/field?

    Asmah Hanim: If you have a passion for it, go for it. Once you are in it, have a sense of purpose and then know your goals and drive to achieve them

  18. Are you preparing for SEA Games. Tell us what is it like preparing for SEA Games?

    Asmah Hanim: I don’t know myself. Last i was told we wanted to form a girls relay team, we did for a moment. Yupz right now, I’m just training to do a PB and if I can get selected for SEA Games … then alhamdulilah


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