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Amanda Choo (Part 2 of 2)
  • October 23rd, 2007


This is a continuation of Part 1

amanda-choo2.jpgInstead of telling me that I will break the record and I must break the record, he said that I could do it and that he believed in me.

This difference in the way he spoke to me was the fine line between empowerment and pressure.

He empowered me with self-belief instead of putting expectations in front of me.

During the time between the heats and finals, my parents were also a key factor in my mental preparation.

Never once focusing on breaking the national record, they acknowledged and celebrated my achievement of a long awaited PB that was achieved with the time of 12.24s.

amanda-choo6.jpgWith such preparations, I went into the finals, relaxed and ready to run the race of my life.

At the back of my mind, was the memory of my uncle and the goal I had set out to achieve for him.

Coming off the blocks, I knew I had a good start, but my finishing was more tiring than expected and so I did not expect to do a good timing.

Looking at my coach, initially he did not have a very optimistic look.

But that changed in a matter of 5 minutes and at that point I was overwhelmed with relief and joy.

I had FINALLY done it for my uncle

Looking back, I know none of this would have been possible without God.

The odds of breaking the record in Singapore and not at the ultra fast track in Osaka were high but I overcame them.

The weather that day was perfect and the audience was perfect, for I knew among my greatest supporters, my coach, my parents, my boyfriend and my team mates, was my uncle.

And how very special it was that I had done it on home ground, Singapore, for my uncle, with the strength of my God.

Amanda in Lane 3 at the Singapore Open.
The race where she clocked 12.21s and broke the women 100m record

The Editor: We would like to thank Amanda for sharing her thoughts, inner awareness, joy, and spirituality that she have experienced for this article at Singapore Athletics


Posted by Uncle Sha.
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