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Alfred Sim
  • May 17th, 2004

Alfred Sim

In the recent concluded WINGS Open, this amazing athlete is on a comeback trail after a long layoff from injury that nearly hung-up his spikes. Clocking a season best of 11.2 sec, we talked to sprinter, Alfred Sim

Height: 1.65m

Weight: 68kg

Born: 4 Oct 1981

Events: 100m, 4x100m

  1. How did you get started with Track & Field?

    Alfred: Wah .. actually i was from NPCC last time, and my main interest was not Track and Field. Moreover my school didnt have a track during my time, I just ran in school Sports Day and broke the school record. My PE teacher approched me to carry on running even when i enter Poly. I did what he told me and that’s when I met Mr Melvin Tan, who was TP’s coach at that time and he brought me into the track scene .. and he is very much, still my coach!!

  2. You made a remarkable comeback from a major injury after months of layoff. Tell us more of the injury and your recovery

    Alfred: I was having a stress fracture on my right tibia (which is around the knee area). last year in 2003. I was trying to qualify for SEA Games and it didnt turn out well. I started intensive training too soon without proper conditioning and ended up having lots of strains and injuries. I still remembered when I went to Vietnam for the Pre-SEA Games though I’m still carrying my injury. At that point of time, i didnt know if it’s a stress fracture, or was it some strain. It was so unbearablely painful that i cant even stride after the Heats, but I still ran in the semi-finals with tapes around my knees and came in 2nd last! When i return to Singapore, I decided seriously to visit the physio and realised it was a serious stress fracture. I totally stopped training and followed the workout given by the strength and conditioning department in SSC. All thanks to them that i recovered from the irritating injury! I took 6 months of rest altogether!

  3. What your you goal this year. Your LONG TERM goal/dream(s)?

    Alfred: My goal this year is actually to clock an ET of under 11s. Long term goal, well I don’t dare to dream yet, but of course to represent Singapore, to bring glory to my nation, and make my family and my friends proud! A target timing of at least a 10.5s is what I would like to achive

  4. Tell us your approach and philosophy in training and racing? Do you take care of your food intake or nutrition

    Alfred: I take training seriously. I’ll try my best to complete the workout and of course to improve my result everytime I train or race. Always telling myself to have enough rest. You’re bound not to perform if you don’t do the above. For food intake wise, I don’t have a discipline diet, just that 1 or 2 weeks before a race, I’ll stop my intake of oily and heavy meals. I’ll load carbo and drink lots of water and rest well!

  5. What motivates you, to endure the hard times training and sacrifices made

    Alfred: This is the path i chose, and I wont give up till my objective is met and i know I’m not in my best form yet. I want to see how fast I can go and if possibly, break through my own limits

  6. Any memorable track career highlight that has significant impact on your life

    Alfred: When i was in Poly year 1, my coach asked me whether i want to train seriously. I agreed and we started training intensively until year 2. There was a SEA Games timetrial in 2001. I came in joint 4th with Yusof Alias with the timing of 10.8s but unfortunately I was not even selected for the reserves because they claimed that I was “inexperience”. I was even on papers because of this matter!

  7. Can you tell us a little on your family and friends. Tell us of the support and love they have given you all this time back then. Has any one of them inspired you?

    Alfred: M family are actually quite supportive towards my track and my mum even offered to buy me a pair of spikes when she saw my “cow skin” Asics spikes .. haha. The person whom i think inspired me is actually Mr C.Kunalan. I think other than the junior team sprinter, Yasin, me and Mr C.Kunalan are the shortest sprinters around! I respect him in many aspect. He is fast, he’s short and held the record for 33 years! and most importantly he broke the Singapore record when he is in his 30’s

  8. Any advise for young athletes who are trying out athletics?

    Alfred: Better to think twice before joining track and field! The training are tough and needs lots of discipline.. For sprinters to be, you train few hours a day and 6 times a week just for the the 10 to 11s during race! If you think it’s worth it, if that’s the kind of life you want then “just do it”! At the end of the day its all about passion and pride

  9. Where do you foresee future of Singapore athletics heading?

    Alfred: If Singapore Track & Field system still carries on this way, I see no future for athletics. No support for athletes and no grants for non-national athletes. Do you think people will train just because of passion in the future? With no support, the passion will die off

  10. I think most people don’t know you’re passionate about singing. I’ve heard you sing and you are GOOD. Tell us more about your passion in singing, your recent singing competitions, etc

    Alfred: Haha .. its kind of part-time hobby lah. I love to sing and actually got this crazy plan in mind, To sing for Singapore when we host the SEA Games and also run for Singapore! Crazy right? Erm, I’ve got to admit, you dun get money for running as easy as compared to singing. I’ve won couple of singing competitions and they’ve got very attractive prizes and cash incentives, so it’s actually a way for me to earn extra income with my voice! Few recording and music companies have approach me regarding signing of contracts to be their artiste, but i’ve got to consider track also. Both singing and track is my passion but it’s very difficult to juggle both. I’m just afraid one day, i’ll have to choose either one!

Watch out for Alfred on the track as he continues his amazing comeback. Also not to forget to look out for his crooning talents which might lead him to become the next ‘Singapore Idol


Posted by Uncle Sha.
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